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One Day Intensive: Adding Sound To Your Therapies (CE’s for Massage Therapist!) March 31 or April 28


We will be adding more dates in SeptemberPlease stay tuned.


Sacred Sound Ministry Training ~ April 4-6, 2014 

Take your Ministry and prayer to a whole new level as you discover the Power Of Sounds specifically designed to support and enhance a Ministry or Spiritual Program to uplift, transform and unify your congregation and community.


Click here to learn about these unique and interactive soundshops!

The International Sound Therapy Association is comprised of individuals interested in the benefits of sound and vibration.  Our members include sound therapists, musicians, healing practitioners, music therapist and medical professionals.   Our purpose is to promote the benefits of therapeutic sound by providing educational forums and activities for practitioners as well as the general public.  All who are interested in learning more about the Power of Sound are welcome and encouraged to participate!

ISTA is on the precipice of innovative science and the study of different sound modalities. As the Pioneers of Sound, Frequency and Vibration, ISTA had created a global community of practitioners through research, education and outreach programs.  We are committed not only to learning, but to respectfully distributing this life altering information.  Join us as we blaze new trails in technology and compassion while we raise awareness of how Healing Sound can affect the world.

“Do not go where the path may lead,                                                                        go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

ISTA’s First CD is here!

Power of Sounds CD

Available now on our Music Page!

Experience Healing Sounds while helping ISTA continue it’s mission of promoting Healing and Therapeutic Sounds! Go to ISTA’s Music Store Page to purchase and download the album. If you prefer a physical CD, it is available at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore.

The talented musicians on this CD include: Nancy Hannah-Fey Daniell, Michael Burke, Lucy Banks, Airathia Love, Don Simmons, Mandara Cromwell, Jeri LaVigne, Edward Powers, Jan Powers, Wendy Zarter, Jennifer Proctor and Tina Rae Fusco. Engineer; Josh Hack.  CD cover design; Stephen Walker. Produced by Don Simmons and Mandara Cromwell.

International Broadcast of 2012 Peace Bowl

Click here to enjoy the re-broadcast of Peace Bowl 2012.

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